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Difference between Stavolt and UPS in daily PC usage

I’m sure when you want to assemble or buy a new PC, then one of the components that we are discussing now is definitely there and that is the Voltage Stabilizer (Stavolt) and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

In general, you might think that these two objects are the same, even though the fact is that they are from their initial function, but in fact these two objects have quite a lot of differences in features, but as I have already mentioned the main function of these two objects is still, namely to overcome the ups and downs of electric voltage.

The goal is that the components in the CPU such as, Motherboard, VGA, RAM, Power Supply, and others are not damaged quickly due to electric currents that can be unstable at any time.

Is it okay not to use Stavolt or UPS on the PC? In fact, it’s okay that the PC you buy or raft can still be used normally, it’s just that the main components will be damaged quickly, because the electric current was unstable.

The fact is that in Indonesia itself the phenomenon of fluctuating electric currents that we often encounter, I personally may not really understand about electricity, but I know that if the fan turns or the lights in my room dim suddenly, it must be none other than because of decrease in electric power.

Then if this happens on a PC, can you imagine for example your VGA or Graphic Card uses 180 watts, … Read More

Get to know Notepad++, a Free, Lightweight, and Feature-rich Text Editor

Want to write programming code? Notepad++ is one of the application options that you can use.
Actually, what is Notepad++ and how to use this software? What features does it offer?
In this article, we will thoroughly explore the Notepad++ text editor.  What is Notepad++?

How to use notepad++ and its definition

As one of the free Windows applications, Notepad is installed on many people’s computers. This software can be used to write a computer program.
Even so, Notepad is not the best text editor. It has limited features so that the programs written there are less than optimal.
This is where Notepad++ comes in. it can be an alternative to Notepad.
Citing the official website, this text editor option is also free. It can be used on devices with Windows OS.

The advantages of Notepad++ include:

  • hide and highlight syntaxFind and Replace
  • Autocomplete for words and functions
  • Tab feature to open more than one document
  • Zoom
  • change text to uppercase or lowercase, without retyping
  • select a browser application to view program results

How to Use Notepad++

So, now, how to use Notepad++? Summarized from TurboFuture, the steps are:

1. Install Notepad++

Like the usual application, you have to install Notepad++. You just need to download the installer document from the official website.

The installation process is not complicated. You just have to follow the installation steps like a normal application.

2. Perform initial setup

After installation, Notepad++ is ready to use. However, the experience of using this application will … Read More

Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11

As the successor, Windows 11 has brought major reforms, from design and functionality improvements to support for Android apps.

Here are some important differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10.

1. Display interface (UI)

The significant difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10 is the interface (UI).

Windows 11 now has a fresh and simple look, especially on the taskbar and start menu. Now, these menus are no longer on the left as in Windows 10.

 Microsoft moved it to the center to make it look similar to the MacOS interface. The start menu has also moved to the middle. Even so, certain items, such as the clock, connections, or battery, are still on the right side of the taskbar.

The logo now has rounded corners, which means it’s not stiff. Not only in the icon section, this window display (Windows) also has more rounded corners than the old window.

    Another difference between the two is also seen from the absence of dynamic tiles in Windows 11. Live tiles are a Windows feature that displays a notification bar that contains information such as weather, calendar, or other information.

2. Forming the “Windows” logo

The logo in Windows 11 now looks a little different from Windows 10. The Windows 11 logo looks like a front window.

Earlier versions of the Windows logo were four three-dimensional squares, which looked like flying flags. Not only the logo, but also the Startup Sound that is heard during booting has been updated.

You can … Read More

Cybersecurity Vs Community Safety Vs. Information Security

Rule Standing

data security

This effective date was was affirmed in ACH Operations Bulletin #7-2020. Nacha strongly encourages all such lined entities to work in the direction of compliance as quickly as potential.

data security

The State Of Security

Any place the place account numbers associated to ACH entries are stored is in scope. This includes systems on which authorizations are obtained or saved electronically, as well as databases or methods platforms that assist ACH entries. As an instance, for a Third-Party Service Provider whose consumer is a financial establishment, these can embrace platforms that service ACH transaction warehousing and posting, and consumer data reporting systems. For Originators and their Third-Party Service Providers, accounts payables and accounts receivables methods shall be impacted, as could also be different systems .

Encrypted Usb Flash Drives

ISPs ought to tackle all information, programs, methods, services, infrastructure, authorized users, third events and fourth parties of a company. Financial information can rapidly turn out to be unusable after being stolen, as a result of people can shortly change their bank card numbers. But medical data are not perishable, which makes them significantly valuable. Some in the medical trade speculate that medical data may grow to rival or surpass financial information in worth on the black market; however research by Intel Security in 2016 has shown that this is not but the case. So far, essentially the most useful information targeted by cybercriminals is pharmaceutical and biotech mental property. Other main well being care cyber attacks and information breaches embody … Read More

Computer Components

Metals & Metallic Products

computer hardware

Amt Computer Systems

The greater the rpm more is the processing speed of a hard disk. Many hardware engineers design devices utilized in manufactured merchandise that incorporate processors and different pc parts and that hook up with the Internet. For instance, many new cars, house home equipment, and medical units have Internet-ready pc systems constructed into them. Computer hardware engineers analysis, design, develop, and check pc methods and parts such as processors, circuit boards, reminiscence gadgets, networks, and routers.

SSDs use flash reminiscence, which shops data on MOS reminiscence chips consisting of floating-gate MOSFET reminiscence cells. Some methods could use a disk array controller for greater performance or reliability. The firm presents storage equipment, printers, scanners, optical elements, communication options, and networking units.

computer hardware

The exhausting disk can be preinstalled in CPU or can be utilized as an external gadget. The onerous disk is the non-unstable component which suggests the data is stored permanently in exhausting disk and it does not wipe out when the system is shut down. The hard disk contains electromagnet surface which is used to retailer huge chunks of information and could be accessed easily. The onerous disk has the capability to store trillions of bytes of knowledge in its storage. In the internal of exhausting disk, it has a set of stacked disks which have electromagnetic floor used to retailer knowledge in it. Every hard disk has a sure processing pace which varies from rpm.

It provides a platform to run an … Read More

Parts Of A Server Laptop

computer component

Computer Units

In order to be downward suitable with earlier mainframe connectivity, CICS internet hosting can be obtainable on smaller, non-mainframe platforms including the RS/6000, AS/400 and OS/2 working system based mostly PCs. In addition to these kind of chips, there are also single in-line memory modules , which include up to nine chips packaged as a single unit, and twin in-line reminiscence modules , which can have up to twice as many chips as SIMMs. The modules even have different configuration as to how they have interaction the host board. A situation characterised by extreme nervousness about sending chat messages. The chatter with chatter’s block feels that each message he sorts in a chat must be completely worded and completely timed. By striving to fulfill these requirements of perfection, the chatter continuously erases and rewords his messages, often deciding not to ship the messages at all. Everyone in a chat is expressing ideas quickly and nobody will blink a watch on the odd typo.

computer component

How To Identify Which Hardware Element Is Failing In Your Laptop

An space on-line the place you possibly can chat with other members in actual time. A power supply for a laptop or portable laptop that may run off of a battery. In printing, the height of the printed higher case letter, outlined in factors.

An electrical property of particles, such as electrons and protons, which causes them at a given time to draw and repel one another. A material with an extra of electrons … Read More