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Difference between Stavolt and UPS in daily PC usage

I’m sure when you want to assemble or buy a new PC, then one of the components that we are discussing now is definitely there and that is the Voltage Stabilizer (Stavolt) and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

In general, you might think that these two objects are the same, even though the fact is that they are from their initial function, but in fact these two objects have quite a lot of differences in features, but as I have already mentioned the main function of these two objects is still, namely to overcome the ups and downs of electric voltage.

The goal is that the components in the CPU such as, Motherboard, VGA, RAM, Power Supply, and others are not damaged quickly due to electric currents that can be unstable at any time.

Is it okay not to use Stavolt or UPS on the PC? In fact, it’s okay that the PC you buy or raft can still be used normally, it’s just that the main components will be damaged quickly, because the electric current was unstable.

The fact is that in Indonesia itself the phenomenon of fluctuating electric currents that we often encounter, I personally may not really understand about electricity, but I know that if the fan turns or the lights in my room dim suddenly, it must be none other than because of decrease in electric power.

Then if this happens on a PC, can you imagine for example your VGA or Graphic Card uses 180 watts, … Read More