Difference between Stavolt and UPS in daily PC usage

Difference between Stavolt and UPS in daily PC usage

I’m sure when you want to assemble or buy a new PC, then one of the components that we are discussing now is definitely there and that is the Voltage Stabilizer (Stavolt) and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

In general, you might think that these two objects are the same, even though the fact is that they are from their initial function, but in fact these two objects have quite a lot of differences in features, but as I have already mentioned the main function of these two objects is still, namely to overcome the ups and downs of electric voltage.

The goal is that the components in the CPU such as, Motherboard, VGA, RAM, Power Supply, and others are not damaged quickly due to electric currents that can be unstable at any time.

Is it okay not to use Stavolt or UPS on the PC? In fact, it’s okay that the PC you buy or raft can still be used normally, it’s just that the main components will be damaged quickly, because the electric current was unstable.

The fact is that in Indonesia itself the phenomenon of fluctuating electric currents that we often encounter, I personally may not really understand about electricity, but I know that if the fan turns or the lights in my room dim suddenly, it must be none other than because of decrease in electric power.

Then if this happens on a PC, can you imagine for example your VGA or Graphic Card uses 180 watts, when there is a decrease in the quality of the electric current to below standard, then the current that should be able to VGA 180 watts becomes 120 watts, then what happens?

Not only VGA but the components of the PC set will die, if it often happens like this, it can be ascertained that damage will occur sooner or later, therefore to handle this we need a Stabilizer which is often called Stavolt and also UPS.

So are Stavolt and UPS the same? The function is yes, the features are clearly different, generally Stavolt is used only to stabilize the electric current and that’s the only function as far as I know.

If the light (electricity) goes out, the Stavolt will also turn off, as a result your PC will also die, in contrast to the UPS, in addition to functioning as a Stabilizer, the UPS also functions as a backup power, where your PC will still be able to survive for a certain period of time. UPS’s nature may be similar to a Power Bank that can store energy.

Does the UPS run on batteries? it’s obvious to use it, but in large quantities in order to support the total consumption of your PC, the higher your PC’s capabilities in terms of specifications, then you should use a UPS with a larger total power storage.

For price? clearly different, generally Stavolt will be sold from 300 thousand to 1 million prices with different VA (Volt-Ampere) specifications, of course the brand also affects. for the UPS itself the price will be many times as much as Stavolt, because if the storage power is greater then the price is definitely above 3 million, if the features are complete such as eco features, digital indicator panels and all kinds of Switch buttons, then the price might touch 10 million rupiah more.

So which one is the best for you to use? Of course you can answer this yourself, because this is based on the budget you have, if I personally have used Stavolt enough, considering that power outages in the domicile where I live are rare, maybe in 3-4 only 1 blackout occurs.

If the electricity goes out in your place often, then think about buying a UPS, it is a bit expensive, but according to the benefits you can get.

Here are my recommendations, if you really want to use Stavolt or UPS:

1. If you want to use Stavolt, choose one that has a large VA, at least 1000VA, for brand matters it’s up to you, if I use Matsunaga.

2. If you want to use an 800 watt UPS, so that it can cover all the power used by your PC’s CPU.

3. If you have money, I suggest using a UPS with the best price and brand, for this you can find out in discussion forums.

4. Finally, also pay attention to the amount of electricity in your home, if it is too large and is used continuously, maybe your electricity costs will swell next month.

Thus, that’s the difference between Stavolt and UPS according to my point of view, once again I’m not an expert in this kind of thing, I’m just sharing based on my experience using these two objects.