Get to know Notepad++, a Free, Lightweight, and Feature-rich Text Editor

Get to know Notepad++, a Free, Lightweight, and Feature-rich Text Editor

Want to write programming code? Notepad++ is one of the application options that you can use.
Actually, what is Notepad++ and how to use this software? What features does it offer?
In this article, we will thoroughly explore the Notepad++ text editor.  What is Notepad++?

How to use notepad++ and its definition

As one of the free Windows applications, Notepad is installed on many people’s computers. This software can be used to write a computer program.
Even so, Notepad is not the best text editor. It has limited features so that the programs written there are less than optimal.
This is where Notepad++ comes in. it can be an alternative to Notepad.
Citing the official website, this text editor option is also free. It can be used on devices with Windows OS.

The advantages of Notepad++ include:

  • hide and highlight syntaxFind and Replace
  • Autocomplete for words and functions
  • Tab feature to open more than one document
  • Zoom
  • change text to uppercase or lowercase, without retyping
  • select a browser application to view program results

How to Use Notepad++

So, now, how to use Notepad++? Summarized from TurboFuture, the steps are:

1. Install Notepad++

Like the usual application, you have to install Notepad++. You just need to download the installer document from the official website.

The installation process is not complicated. You just have to follow the installation steps like a normal application.

2. Perform initial setup

After installation, Notepad++ is ready to use. However, the experience of using this application will be better if you make a few adjustments.That way, this text editor can be better. All of this can be accessed in the Settings menu, then click Preferences.
Well, the rules in Preferences that should be changed in Notepad++ are:

1. Documents directory

Where will you store your program files? This is what the document directory is all about.
There is a setting to select one specific location for it. That way, you no longer need to look for the right place when saving files.
All your programs are stored neatly. No more fear of losing coding results.

2. Autocomplete feature

As we already mentioned, one of the features of Notepad++ is Autocomplete.
This feature is very beneficial, you know. It can reduce typos, forgetting to close brackets in coding, and other minor mistakes.
Unfortunately, not everyone likes this feature. Even so, don’t worry, you can turn it off, really.
If indeed you prefer to write without Autocomplete, just do this.

3. Default language

A programmer usually already has a favorite language or a language that is being used frequently. Are you one of them?
If that’s the case, Notepad++ offers a default language selection. You just set the language to be the default in your application.